Community Legends Re-Make return to Glasgow and they’ve brought a band with them this year! Long-time Musicians, Singers and Songwriters Edd and Jimmy will once again be hanging out at Bronyscot, meeting and greeting and getting involved with the fans. On Sunday, they’ll grace the Rock Nessie Stage with a band at their back ready to play your nostalgic favourites as well as plenty of new material

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Bronyscot is pleased to announce the return of CrackingLazer and his friends in the form of Coltastrophe! Joining CrackingLazer this year will be Steely Hooves, Rhythm Sticks and BronyScots own SoundCheck for a quadruple crash of Pony Rock anthems to shake your manes and tails too

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Musical Powerhouse and long-time friend of Bronyscot, Injustrial, returns to Glasgow this year bringing his explosive sonic compositions from the wintery north of Norway. The man himself will be seen enjoying the convention festivities on Saturday. On Sunday prepare for a musical assault that’ll make your hooves rattle, your wing feathers quiver and your horn tingle and he blasts is unique style of Electro-Industrial beats at Rock Nessie

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