G.M. Berrow

Animation writer and literary author for both series, My Little Pony Equestria Girls and Friendship is Magic. She has written most of the officially-licensed My Little Pony chapter books by Little, Brown and Company. G.M. Berrow will be joining us for a Skype Q&A

Sara Richard

Illustrator and fine artist currently working in the comic industry. You may know their work from IDW's My Little Pony, Rick and Morty and Jem & The Holograms comics

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Jesse "Nowacking" Nowack

Nowacking is a trans actor and writer who has been working in voice over for more than a decade. He’s known in the fandom for voicing Vinyl Scratch in various animations and songs, as well as playing LittlePip in "Fallout Equestria: The Radioplay."


Sketchy Sounds

A long-time friend of the event, He'll be here to play us into RockNessie!

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Known for high track “Power Ponies GO!”, Crusader! Has traveled all the United States to perform at RockNessie!

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Coltastrophe are here to preform for us again! Joining them this year will be Blackend Blue for a quadruple crash of rocking songs!

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Prince Whateverer

Coming up from England for his 1st performance in Scotland, PrinceWhateverer is coming up for RockNessie for a Rock and Metal filled set!

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A regular on A State of Sugar - BassPon3 is bringing his bouncy horse techno to RockNessie! Prepare to raise your hooves up high!

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Lavender Harmony

Brony musician from the early days in the fandom, known for her orchestral and EDM, resident drum and bass aficionado.

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