Host a Panel?

Want to have the chance to show off what you know or have a cool idea for a panel that you could host?

BronyScot is also looking for panel hosts for the event. Anyone can apply and as a bonus you'll get cheaper entry to the event if we host your Panel. So, if the idea of getting to host your own event tickles your fancy, click the link below and fill in the application form

Applications Closed


Wanna meet new people, work alongside likeminded folks and share in the experience of running an international event?

BronyScot is looking for Volunteers to help us run an exciting and engaging convention. Anyone can apply and we have a wide range of positions available. So, if you have some experience we could put to good use or you want to gain some experience in a field that interests you, click the link below and fill in the application form

Online Form here


Want to sell your wares at an international event?

Applications Closed

Perform at RockNessie

Ever wanted to Rock out on the big stage to hundreds of screaming fans! Well we can't quite match that but how about performing at Rock Nessie!

For your chance to perform on stage or just to take part in the shenanigans why not apply below!

Applications Closed


Can't attend but want to take part! Why not opt in for one of our sponsor options? Please be aware that if the product you opt for goes forward you will receive an email invoice from our system. You will be required to pay this by a specified deadline or you will not be added to the product requested. Be aware that at present the sponsor poster is not yet confirmed so please be patient with your request. We will endeavor to inform you of updates as they occur. Thank you for supporting Bronyscot!